My Triad Aer Air Purification Solution

Nature Does Not Use Air Filters To Create Clean, Fresh Air - Why Should We?

My Triad Aer Is The 'Natural' Air Purification Solution

CREATE Clean Fresh Air - Don't Just Filter It!

✓ Destroys Viruses and Bacteria    ✓ Eliminate Dust, Dander, VOCs & Harmful Particles From The Air You Breathe    ✓ Covers Up To 3,000 sq ft of Indoor Living Space / Business / Clinic


Why Should I Use Triad Aer?

Triad Aer produces pro-active air purifiers that use advanced technologies to scrub homes & offices of viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew, odors, pet dander, allergens, airborne chemicals, and VCO gasses from your personal air space.

Essentially, an air-cleansing plasma is ejected out into the living space (up to 3,000 sq ft/2 stories !). This plasma consists of oxygen and hydrogen molecules which “scrub” the air clean of all pollutants. 

It Even Cleans and Sanitizes Hard Surfaces 

Just like the smell of cooking reaches every corner of your home, this cleansing plasma is able to go OUT where the pollutants are/or live, destroying them on contact. It even kills flu viruses, mold spores, bacteria, and more.

Why Would I Refer Triad Aer to my Patients?

We all make decisions every day regarding our health and well-being, whether we think about it or not. The recent pandemic has shown us that...

One of the choices we make, is in choosing whether to breathe clean, fresh, life-giving air or unhealthy, harmful, and even deadly polluted air. Ask yourself - did you ever see that flu bug that got you last flu season? (answer = NO, they are too small!)

The cold hard facts say we all need air. But do you know what is really in the air we are breathing? Each day we breathe in 200 pounds of air. ANYTHING that is floating in the air around us as we breathe, goes directly into our lungs. The smaller, the deeper. Can you live with that? 

Do you and your loved ones, patients, friends & staff deserve to breathe clean, health-giving air?  ABSOLUTELY YES!

With Triad Aer, you ensure that they literally are breathing clean, fresh air!


F4CP and My Triad Aer Partnership -
Creating a Partnership & New Revenue Stream For It's Members

Our relationship with the F4CP is built on trust, giving, and professionalism

The My Triad Aer Revenue Share Program for the F4CP members was created as a Win / Win / Win platform (5% of every sale goes to the association!) - offering not only a revenue stream for the members but a truly life-changing opportunity to affect the health of every patient.

Watch the video to see just how simple our Revenue Share Program is, and why it is truly a "hands-off, and worry-free" program like none you've seen before!

My Triad Aer - Changing Indoor Air Quality With Your Help!

Simply Refer My Triad Aer

We are getting Triad Aer into medical professionals’ hands with a hefty discount AND allowing them to receive a “revenue share” by referring Triad Aer to patients who ALSO get a discount! Win/Win/Win!


Savings + Revenue

Through the referral program, our doctors AND patients see substantial discounts.
The doctors receive a revenue check 35 days after the sale, and never need to hold inventory or become sales persons.


Our Proven Model

Rather than spend money on advertising we feel everyone is better served when medical influencers refer to our product. The patients will take a stronger interest and it's a very easy referral.

PLEASE NOTE: The Revenue Share program is ONLY available at

F4CP logo with My Triad Aer partnership

Valued F4CP Partner

My Triad Aer approached the WSCA board of directors a few years back with the Revenue Share Program. Over the past few years, My Triad Aer has handed 5% of all member referral sales to WSCA for helping to support Chiropractic services and efforts in Washington State.


Worry Free Referral Management

My Triad Aer handles everything; from product education through our website, setup and maintenance videos, inventory, warranty, shipping, brochures, safe-air signage, and displays for clinics, etc.

More importantly, we also handle all customer service calls. It's truly hands-free!


Digital Tracking & Sales Updates

My Triad Aer assigns special Discount Codes to every chiropractic office/doctor (1 per clinic). Through this code, all sales referred by that doctor are tracked and logged. The patient receives an immediate discount, while the doctor receives a revenue share check within 35 days of that purchase. (allows for a warranty/return period)

If you would like more info about the Triad Aer Revenue Share Program and how we are working with F4CP to positively affect the bottom line for your clinic financially, and from a wellness standpoint, just fill out the form on the right. We'll help you get started.

By the way, we promise to keep your info & data confidential and out of the hands of others.

This form collects information we will use to send you updates about promotions, special offers, and news. We will not share or sell your personal information. You can unsubscribe at any time.

What Patients Are Saying About My Triad Aer

“We found that the air in the office was always stale and not smelling very good when we opened up the clinic in the morning. Since getting the air purifier our air is much improved, always smelling clean and fresh, no matter what time of day or weekends. Patients have also noticed the difference when they enter the clinic.”

- Lisa R. - Chiropractic Office Manager


We have been using and selling the Triad Aer machines for over 4 years in our practice. All of our patients cannot praise us enough for referring the Triad Aer to them, and we tell everyone to buy one!

- Dr. Calvin - Miami FL


Best air purifier on the market and I have bought quite a few brands over the years. The Triad Aer is very quiet and makes a world of difference in the quality of air in my house. Say hello to clean air and goodbye to allergies.

- Amy K - Portland, OR

Referrals are fine, but don't forget Your Staff and Loved Ones!

Does YOUR clinic/business or home have a Triad Aer?
Don't forget about ensuring that staff and loved ones are also breathing clean, fresh air!


Dr. David Stemp, DC

Cascade Chiropractic, WA

The staff loves being able to "sweep out" lingering odors by turning the machine up higher for a short time.


The Staff LOVES My Triad Aer

Bothell Chiropr. & Wellness

The staff and doctor love their Triad Aer and we have even heard reports of fewer absentee days, due to the clean air.

DR-JOHN-SIM-DC-Lynnwood Family-Chiropractic-WA

Dr. John Sim, DC

Lynnwood Family Chiropr., WA

Dr. Sim loves the clean, fresh smell that greets him and the staff every morning despite being in an older building.

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Don't wait any longer - NOW is the time to help your patients understand just how critical it is to breathe clean, fresh indoor air - free of viruses, bacteria, pollens and allergens, and more.

You can change their lives immensely by referring them to a technology that works for them. And we have tons of patient/customer testimonials.


My Triad Aer is the largest online distributor of Triad Aer products and is dedicated to working hand in hand with health care professionals.

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